About Billions

First and foremost, we at Billions Australia honestly believe that no other agency is as truly artist-centric and service oriented as ours. All of our efforts are targeted at the creation and maintenance of long-term mutually rewarding associations and ensuring the best possible touring experience and artistic and financial outcomes are achieved.

Because of this philosophy, it is absolutely essential that, prior to considering working with any artist, we establish that our thinking runs parallel with theirs. We thrive on communication, honesty, and common sense and strive to be as flexible and responsive to artists' needs as possible. Our aim is to provide the artist with a dedicated long-term consultant and service provider who will represent them as they wish to be represented and advise them in all aspects of this territory.

Many international artists coming to Australia & New Zealand are represented by agents who are completely disconnected from this marketplace and it was a significant objective of Billions Australia to be able to offer artists a full-service Australian option with deep local knowledge, direct market intelligence with the advantage of global experience and vision. We are ruthlessly direct and treat our clients as responsible adults who do not need to be fed platitudes and distortions in order to preserve or enhance the relationship. If we make a mistake, the affected client will hear about it from us. If we feel that an artist is making a poor decision, that artist will be advised of that opinion.

Naturally, once we have been heard on any such issue, we will always faithfully do our best to execute the client's wishes regardless of any misgivings we may have. We seek to place the show in the right room with the most honourable and reliable tour partners at an appropriate ticket price and with a fair outcome for our client. In addition, we strive to maintain excellent relationships and open communication with the many small, medium and large agencies, promoters, events and festivals around the region in order to maximize the opportunities for our artists.

The validity and effectiveness of our sensible and patient approach can be seen in the careers of many of our current clients who, generally speaking, are able to tour profitably when and how they see fit independent of label tour support and often outside of industry routine. We have enjoyed extraordinary loyalty from the artists with whom we have worked over the years and, while we are grateful for having had the opportunity to be associated with such people of character, we feel it is no accident. We take on new clients infrequently and only after careful consideration. Thank you for taking an interest in the extraordinary artists we represent; it means a great deal to all of us.

Who We Are

Director (Australia/HQ) :

Paul Sloan (a.k.a Sloanie) founded independent music agency, management & promoter business Supersonic Enterprises in 1993 and was also a pioneer of the independent ticketing revolution in Australia with his Western Australian ticket company Heatseeker (recently sold to a national independent ticket company).
Relying on the Australian stereotype that someone based in Perth on the remote West side of Australia couldn’t do anything but smoke and drink, the effervescent, tenacious and mischievous Sloan built a miniscule company into numerous tiny ones in event promoting, management, venue booking, ticketing and touring over the course of the next two decades.
During this time Sloan promoted/presented literally thousands of shows/events, including Western Australia’s largest independent music event, the 28,000 capacity Rock-It, before meeting Viecelli through a mutual friend. In this 1999 meeting they somehow came to the conclusion that this unlikely alliance could forge an Australian agency/promoter business offering artists unparalleled service and local knowledge in the region and so that is what they did.
Sloan likes pretending not to work, logic, strategy, staying calm and working with good people.


Director (USA/Chicago office)

David Viecelli (a.k.a. Boche Billions) founded leading independent booking agency The Billions Corporation in Chicago in 1989. Relying upon the American stereotype of Canadians as polite and neighbourly for cover, the truly cantankerous and curmudgeonly Viecelli aggressively built a minuscule company into a tiny one over the course of two decades.
Among those snared in this fiendish plot are the Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Death Cab For Cutie, Vampire Weekend, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Neko Case, The Swell Season, Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes. Similarly, in 1999 nobody bothered to stop him from founding Billions Australia with the aforementioned Mr Sloan to hatch exactly the same plan all over again on the other side of the world. David likes working, pretending to work, speaking in a deep voice and shows a deep preference for buying fine art before providing basic food and shelter for himself and his lovely wife.


At least three things Sloan does are solely to cause extreme annoyance to Viecelli. The first is Sloan playing in a touring dub/reggae band called The Sunshine Brothers, the second is insisting on running the business from a houseboat for 4 weeks per year and the third is having babies.